About me

me in hawaii

Welcome to my online home! This site is an ongoing work-in-progress, and I'm still overdue for a re-write of this about page. Nevertheless, here's a short synopsis of who I am and some of the things I enjoy. I'm pretty active on Twitter, so feel free to hit me up there!

My life in 30 seconds

  • Grew up in St. Louis, MO
  • Played collegiate golf at the University of Akron from 2013-2017 (unfortunately, Akron's golf team was cut during the 2020 pandemic, hoping to see it reinstated soon!)
  • Moved to Cleveland, OH in 2018 and soon married my wife, Bethany in 2020
  • Recently moved to Cincinnati, OH
  • Currently working at Maybe Finance, building modern financial planning tools for people who want to break the barriers of traditional finance and achieve their biggest financial goals. I know, a bit sales-pitchy, but seriously, this product is awesome. You should check it out.

My favorite things to do

  • I love to run. Ran my first marathon last year and was extremely humbled to find out that breaking 4 hours is a lot harder than I thought! Finished it in 4:16, will definitely be back for another try soon.
  • I enjoy reading, mostly nonfiction (although I'm trying to incorporate more fiction into my life). I used to keep a reading list on this blog, but still looking for where I put that... Anyways, I'm a sucker for long biographies and history.
  • I'm lucky to say that I really enjoy the work I do. Building things on computers has become an enjoyable past-time for me. I'm mostly in the JavaScript world for now, but enjoy learning just about any technology you put in front of me, and especially enjoy teaching things that I've learned on YouTube.