Under Construction

Last updated Feb 01, 2022
written byZach


After spending countless hours building and re-building my personal site, trying all too hard to make it look "perfect", I decided it's about time to embrace the fact that my personal site will never be "done". I also realized that building a "polished" and "finished" personal website took most of the enjoyment out of the process. I have enough deadlines to hit in my professional life already--definitely don't need this project feeling like one too.

So in light of this, here's my very imperfect, permanently "under construction" personal site. I try to limit my work on this to those times when I genuinely feel like it, so you might find some sloppy code, incomplete articles, and outdated dependencies (sorry dependabot).

If you want to get connected with me, Twitter is the best place for it (@zg_dev)!

The future of this site

I'd like to say there is some grand vision for what this site might look like in the future, but there's not. Uncovering that "next step" is half the enjoyment for me in building things on the web, so my plan is to build this site over a long period of time, changing things as they make sense, and especially avoiding this turning into more "work" for me.

That said, I do have the intention of making this site "open source" in the sense that the repo for it will be public, and sometime in the future, I hope to make each article / page on the site "editable". I've written a lot of coding tutorials, and expect that I will write many more. The problem is... Sometimes these tutorials become outdated to no fault of my own, but rather because software changes so fast. I'd love for readers to have the ability to open PRs (pull requests) to edit parts of articles that are incorrect or have become out-of-date. I'm not sure what this is going to look like quite yet, but will be the initial direction I take (who knows how long it will last!).