Below is a list of the major projects I have built solo or contributed a significant amount to over the years.

Local Golf Guide

Actively developing
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What is it?

Local Golf Guide is a place where golfers can go to quickly find new golf courses, training facilities, instructors, or local leagues. I‘m currently working on an MVP for this product.

Maybe Finance

Past Project

Note: all screenshots in gallery below are test data.

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What is it?

Maybe is a personal finance application I contributed a major part in (was first engineering hire) from 2021-2023 which had all sorts of fun engineering challenges! I had a blast working on this and grew tremendously as an engineer during this time.

Technologies used


The DIY Golfer

Growing traffic
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What is it?

This is an application I developed for students of my “Break 90 in 90 Days“ golf training course (through The DIY Golfer email list). Students can view lessons, track golf stats, and view their stats in a dashboard.

Technologies used

  • Frontend: Angular 9 + NgRx/rxjs
  • Backend: NestJS + MySQL
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean