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Maybe Finance

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Project Status

This is an active project.

I worked on this from late 2021 to mid-2023. Then... it got shut down. Then... our Founder, Josh, open-sourced the project, it rose from the ashes, and I'm working there again.

It's a long story. Here's what happened

What is it?

Maybe 1.0

Maybe is a personal finance application I contributed a major part in (was first engineering hire) from 2021-2023 which had all sorts of fun engineering challenges! I had a blast working on this and grew tremendously as an engineer during this time.

Technologies used

The first version of Maybe was built in the following stack, and I built a significant portion of it. You can see all of the source code in the [archived Github repository](

  • Frontend: React (Next.js), Storybook, Tailwind (all TypeScript)
  • Backend: Express, Bull Workers, Prisma, Postgres, tRPC (all TypeScript)
  • Auth: Auth0
  • Infra: AWS + CDK (ECS, S3, Cloudfront, WAF, and more), TimescaleDB, Vercel, Github Actions
  • Devops: Nrwl NX monorepo tooling, Github Actions, Jest, Cypress, Docker


  • Designed a multi-provider financial data ETL process for syncing and normalizing data between Plaid, Finicity, and other providers.
  • Worked a lot with Visx to build complex historical financial charts and visualizations.
  • Built out all devops-related processes. This included fully automated CI/CD pipelines for Auth0, testing (Jest, Cypress), infra (AWS), and applications (AWS, Vercel). Led the design and migration to AWS.

Maybe 2.0

Maybe 2.0 is a COSS (commercial open-source) project (unlike Maybe 1.0, which was 100% proprietary). We are building this to reach a global audience this time and are focused on building the "OS for your personal finances".

You can follow the progress of this in the Github repo