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I'm a professional web developer based out of Cincinnati, OH building a portfolio of internet businesses and sharing the behind-the-scenes journey to reach $10k in monthly revenue. Follow my journey here.

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How your browser loads, parses, and renders a webpage

Most web developers have a general sense of how their browser works behind the scenes, but when it comes to technical SEO and core web vitals, things get confusing. This post will alleviate some of that confusion for you and explain the sequential steps a browser takes to load a webpage.

React Forms Best Practices

Doing forms right in React is difficult. Whether you're dynamically building forms, adding complex validation, or just dealing with all the different input types, there are lots of pitfalls to building stable forms. This post is an exploration of some "best practices" when using forms in React.

The Secret Life of a React Component

When building with React, when should you useState? useEffect? useMemo? useRef? How do you make your components more performant? What causes them to re-render? What is a re-render? While it doesn't take much to build things in React, understanding how things work and adopting best practices is a bit more challenging. This post will explore many of these questions and walk through a functional component example from start to finish, highlighting it's entire lifecycle.

Vanilla React 18 + TypeScript + Webpack

Tools like create-react-app are great, but abstract away lots of details. Here's how you can set up a "vanilla" React + TypeScript app using Webpack.

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