Apr 01, 2024 · 3 Min read

I moved my tech blog to Full Stack Foundations


I moved all of my tech-related blog posts from this site (that you're on right now) to Full Stack Foundations.

I wrote a Twitter thread explaining why I did this.

Why go to the trouble?

About a year ago, I wrote about a portfolio of small internet businesses. As I thought about the future of this site, I realized that I needed to make a decision whether to move forward with a "personal brand" that talks primarily about tech or offload that to another domain.

Since I have content websites in both the golf niche (The DIY Golfer) and the tech niche (Full Stack Foundations), things were getting confusing.

Ultimately, I decided on the following organization:

  • This site (aka "Zach Gollwitzer"): yeah, I know it's weird to refer to myself in 3rd person, but ultimately, that's what you, the reader has to decide—"who does this guy represent to me?". I've poured a lot of effort into both my golf sites and my tech tutorials brand. I feared that if I kept all the tech stuff here on this site, all the golf stuff I've worked on would get lost in the fray. So instead, I decided this site will represent the "home base" for all my projects and ideas.
  • The DIY Golfer: a website where I post all my golf content
  • Full Stack Foundations: a website where I post all my web development content

This made things a lot easier to think about and provided a few benefits:

  1. Clear separation: it's now easier for me to know exactly where to post various types of content. While it may sound odd to say, I was asking myself the question, "What does `Zach Gollwitzer` represent" to people? Since I have both a golf blog and tech blog, it was really hard to answer that.
  2. Future-proofing: if I ever decided to accept guest posts on Full Stack Foundations (or even sell it), that would be incredibly hard to do if it all existed on this personal site. After seeing what AI can do for web development education, I became very uncertain what the future of would look like. Do I want my name associated with "web dev tutorials" for the next 10 years? Probably not. By breaking it off on a separate domain, I didn't have to ask that question.

So yeah, it may sound like a trivial matter, but considering I'll be working on all of these projects for a multi-year period, I thought it was worth the 40-60 hours of work it would take to migrate everything.

What next?

Now that I have dedicated places to talk about my two favorite things (golf and web dev), this site will be mostly a "home base" for personal updates and ideas that seem worth writing about.

If you've come here for tech-related content, thanks for supporting the journey and I'll see you over at Full Stack Foundations!